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Spent some time today installing Neverwinter Nights and the expansion Hordes of The Underdark on my Windows box. I had played NWN a while back (I think it was over a year ago) and decided to get back into it when the expansion came out recently.

Unfortunately when I tried to reinstall NWN (I’ve upgraded my PC since the last time I played) I found that I had lost the magic ‘CD key.’ I still had the CDs, but without the key it’s useless. So I had to go out and buy NWN again ($30) this morning.

First install of the game went fine, but I got back-to-back game crashes after only a few minutes of play. So, I updated most of the key drivers on my system; video, audio, OS, DirectX, etc. I also uninstalled many of the unused apps. After some tweaking with the game settings I was able to get things more stable — I think. We’ll see when I have time for an hour or more of gameplay.

Note: I found a great game store nearby. The GameStop on El Camino (next to Barnes & Noble) is huge and well stocked.