Eudora Hits 6.0

Just noticed Eudora 6.0 was released a couple weeks back. Looks like the major new feature is SpamWatch , an integrated spam filter. Based on what the online help/docs say it looks like some combination of rules and bayesian learning (there are training buttons). Aside from the new spam filter and a new set of icons, the underlying app is much unchanged from 5.x days — even from 4.x days when I was there. The search window is exactly as I left it, as is the About dialog (my name still appears); even the control/shift credits modifier keys are still there. At some point they changed my nickname (control key during credits scroll) to ‘Mr. UI’; I think when I left I had ‘Don’t hit the cones’ referring to my racing days in SCCA Solo II events.

Just found a bug in the About dialog; the control/shift modifiers don’t check if the dialog is the front-most window, so even if backgrounded the modifiers work. Damn, I wish I could fix that; I hate finding bugs in my code.