Anybody for The Lion King?

Jeannie has been talking about going to The Lion King in SF for about a week now. Apparently Whitney has some special code which was going to let her get tickets or something. I didn’t pay much attention. Turns out the special pre-order window ended yesterday, which is when Jeannie decided to call for tickets. They had no good seats left.

According to the web site the pre-order window started on Aug 12! How can you expect any tix to be left after more than a month of pre-orders? Whatever.

So, regular ticket order started this morn at 9am. So around 11AM, I get an email from Jeannie saying she’s have trouble getting tickets and asked me to get ‘the tickets’. Mind you, I have no idea how many people are going. I go to and check for the date/time she wanted. Tried for two seats, just to see what’s avail… nothing. No tickets available. I tried a single seat and it appears a few singles are avail, but no two seats together.

I’m not surprised. This is one of the most acclaimed shows of the last decade. I would have been online at 8:45AM continuously trying for tix. You can’t expect anything to be left after two hours.