Are You Dedicated?

This site has been hosted by CIHost for a few years now. They’ve had their screwups (erasing all their DNS just before Christmas and taking 8 days to recover), but overall it’s been acceptable — and I’ve been pretty lazy coming up with a replacement.

I’ve recetnly been thinking about using a colocation rather than hosting. I could pick up a Dell 1U for about $1000 and stuff it with huge RAID storage. I’d prefer a colo which it local (so I can fix things quickly), but I can’t find any cheap place with good service.

Also, I don’t want to get screwed with huge bandwidth bills — I guess that could happen now — or have downtime which I need to fix.

The best solution, I think, would be two mail servers (for redundancy) and a single web server.

Maybe I should just get some type of SAN or other super-reliable networkable RAID system and use it as the backend for both mail and web.

Then I need to worry about security; making sure all software is up-to-date and has no known holes.

Of course once I get over the initial hurdle I’ll have much more flexibility, like spam filters, Apache mods, etc.

Someday I’ll get around to setting all this up; but probably not soon.