Scan Me

Just got back from Santana Row (Left Bank). On the way out we stopped at Border’s and I picked up some magazines. I’ve always been torn between subscribing to the mags or not. It seems the subscription always arrives long after the one I see in the store — so I’ve let all me previosu subscriptions expire and now I just buy the mags from the stores.

Czrena is on the other computer playing Sims; she’s been playing that game almost the entire time she’s been here (since Tuesday). Very silly.

I feel much better tonite, as compared to yesterday. Maybe it’s the workout; although just after my 25 min stairmaster I felt a little sick, like motion sickness. It passed, and I feel fine now — other than being very tired.

Oh, I have the body scan thing in the morning. I think I’m going to try to get an MRI of my head, as the headaches don’t seem to be going away. At the very least I’ll have the head CT — but I’d like the MRI, if possible.