Man, do I feel like crap. Just had a few bouts of diarrhea, and I’m feeling pretty weak. Not as bad as usual. I took a single pepto tablet, which usually corks things up fairly quickly. Guess I feel cold than hot, very weak, shaky — hard to explain.

It’s been a while since I had a serious episode of this ‘thing’. Pretty mild right now in comparison. I have been kinda hungry for a few days and my stomach has been very bubble/gurgle-ly over the same period.

Haven’t been to the gym as much as I wanted; went yesterday — 25 mins on StairMaster level 6. Feels pretty good when I’m done.

Could it be something I ate? Some allergy? Nobody knows. Maybe it’s stress, say the docs. Nobody knows. Certainly not me.

Oh, I have an appointment for Friday morning to get a body + head CT scan at a local imaging center. Totally elective. They put the images on CD, which should be cool. I guess I’m most interested in the head scan — they offer MRI of the head, but the price it much higher. Maybe I’ll upgrade to the MRI. I just want to rule out any head problems, I guess … have had some reoccurring headaches, but everyone gets headaches, right?

I should get back to my Gatorade and rest some more.