The Digital Era Is Here!

Well, I’ve been holding out on getting a digital camera for a couple years. I was never really impressed by the quality of the pics, so I held on to my film and waited.

Wait no more; earlier this week I picked up the new Canon 10D digital SLR body. Having beeen impressed with the earlier D60, the additional features and lower price of the 10D was a no-brainer. I also added the new Lexar 2GB 40x CompactFlash card to my order, fearing the ultra-huge data requirements of the 10D.

My initial impression are exceptional. It’s a drop-in replacement for my A2E body, and has many more features. The camera feels as sold as any pro SLR I’ve held, and the button/wheel layout is standard Canon EOS (this is good). It obvious this body is a direct cousin of the top-of-the-line EOS-1V. Off-to-on time is much lower than I expected, and pic-to-pic time is almost zero. The 9 frame buffer really makes you forget it’s a digital camera.

More hands-on info will follow, as I spend more time with the camera.