TiVo Rocks

TiVo has just announced their new Home Media Option . Scheduled to be released this Spring, new features include broadband connectivity via USB, photo/music viewing, remote shceduling via web, and the ability to share shows between TiVos in the same house.

I’ve already setup my TiVo to use my DSL, but the remote scheduling looks interesting. Unfortunately, the Home Media Option will cost $99! This is silly for a subscription-based service. Should be free.

The photo/music stuff could be interesting, if done well. I’m guessing they’ll have some proprietary format or something, not allowing you to just dump all your MP3s on the device. Looks like they’re really into the whole DRM stuff.

Sharing show is useless. Pushing an hour-long high-quality show takes 35 hours on ReplayTV, and I expect the same for TiVo. Basically it’s completely useless for anything more than a once-in-a-while special event.