The Transistor Pack E is fully charged and ready to go. I hooked everything up and the setup works pretty well with my Canon A2E . In a dimmly lit room I’m able to get about 3 flashes back-to-back, with a max constant rate of about one per second. The NiCad pack it pretty big and awkward; guess I’ll have to strap it to my belt or something.

So all this new photo gear has me inspired. I’m going to try to sell some photos. Not sure the venue, maybe I’ll try ebay first. I have the full setup now, from slide scanner to high-quality photo printout. It’s not clear how easy it will be to sell stuff, but if I keep the risk low I should be okay. Some of the recent Grand Canyon photos I took will likely be my first candidates.

As an experiment, I’m going to try to find a high-end photo studio to make the best non-digital print from a couple of my slides. I’ll then be able to compare the digital photo print to the actual print side-by-side. Maybe I’ll look for a place tomorrow.