Simply Amazing

Turns out the company I spent six months at during 2001, SimpleDevices , has been busy lately (after nearly two years of silence). According to today’s joint press release , Rockford Corp (parent of RockfordFosgate, a popular car audio brand) has “recently completed an investment in SimpleDevices” (note that SimpleDevices is listed on Rockford Corp’s front page!) and is announcing the OmniFi at this week’s Las Vegas CES. IDG has a story on the product.

The OmniFi is basically the SimpleAuto , which seemlessly syncs your home music with your car stereo via WiFi. Looks like the Motorola SimpleFi (using HomeRF) is gone (and apparently renamed to SimpleStereo ) and Rockford SimpleAuto (using WiFi) is hot.

Also announced today by SimpleDevices is SimpleWare 2.0, which looks to have a new GUI and a sync scheduler, to automatically send news/weather/etc to your device at pre-determined times.

I always thought the killer app of SimpleDevices technology was Wifi plus SimpleAuto. The HomeRF decision probably cost them a year of lost time in the beginning, as well as focusing on the not-so-marketable SimpleFi and SimpleClock. When I was there I was working on SimpleWare 1.x, specifically the low-level networking core. I’d be interested to see the latest software, I’m guessing most of the work I did has been tossed (and rightly so).