Site cleanup and other stuff

Converted all my old content/link/photos to the new site. The front page and my sub-page look pretty good, with most content organized well. Eventually I’d like to get a consistant look to all pages; that will take some time. I think the complete site is mature enough to send out an email to get everyone to revisit.

I received my Canon Transistor Pack E yesterday; been charging the NiCad pack since then. The manual says 15-hours; been like 24 by now. Maybe I’ll try to hook it up to the Speedlight now. I also got some slide protectors, so now I can put all my slides on the kitchen table into sleeves and binders. Finally I’ll be able to see all the pictures and possibly scan some of the better ones.

I drove Tiffany to the airport this morn around 9AM; she’s going down for her grandmother’s funeral, which is tomorrow morn. I’ll be picking her up tomorrow night. This has been a tough time for Tiff and her family.

Oh, I setup a blog at work to record my daily activities and such. Almost immediately I had people asking me to setup blogs on other machines. I setup a blog for use as an ops record; was pretty easy thanks to MovableType . So now I have this (personal) blog, the main Manjourides blog, and my work blog. Umm, don’t expect too many updates.

Off to get some dinner.