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I’m going to fix my teeth this year. I’ve never had braces and over the past 5+ years, my bite has shifted slightly. My front teeth now overlap quite a bit a...


Played Age of Empires II: Age of Kings , The Conquerors Expansion last night at work. First game was quick 3-on-2, Julia defeated the other team — I just qui...

Let Me Out!

This is the second time in the past couple years that I remember hearing about something like this. Some flight was forced to land a small airport when delay...


My top-priority project of The New Year is transferring my family’s old home movies to digital format (from Super8). I’ve been told this is rare and impossib...

Another video

Looks like Dad is really enjoying his new camera phone, he snet me another video of Mom and Gianna.

Simply Amazing

Ok, listen up: The Amazing Race is the best show on television! Tiff and I never miss it on Tuesday night, waiting to see how the teams trek around the world.

More pics

Mom made a quick little slideshow movie from a few pics of the new baby: Gianna_Christina.wmv

Uncle Scott

Kim had a baby girl this morning, I’m an uncle … again.

Counted Out

All the major news sites are finally listing the electoral results: 286/Bush vs 252/Kerry … just as I predicted three days ago.

Too Close To Call? I’ll call it!

Most news outlets now have the presidential race at 254/Bush to 252/Kerry with New Mexico and Iowa ‘delayed’ and Ohio ‘Too Close To Call’. Given that Ohio is...


Just as I wrote the last entry we had our first visitor. Some black-caped Batman-looking getup.

All Hallow’s Eve

It’s Halloween and I’m sitting at home with Tiff and a basket full of candy. We have a flashing skull, light-up feet, and a singing skeleton outside. Just go...

Welcome to the New World!

I’ve upgraded to MT-3.121 ! Some interesting administrative changes, especially the comment approval — which I’ve enabled. No more blog spam.

More Doors

Most of yesterday was spent watching a local craftsman install my new interior doors (five of ’em). Because the house is old and the old doors/jams in bad sh...

Believe This!

The Boston RedSox won The World Series last night … amazing! All those years of pain and torture are gone.

I’m Being Abused

My top-level blog page is getting alot of blog/comment spam these days. I’ve been manually deleting the entries and blacklisting the IPs, but it’s rather tim...

Free Delivery

Home Depot just left… they called earlier today and told me (for the fifth time) my special-order doors have arrived. Additionally, they said they are going ...


Found a cool Windows plugin which does what Microsoft should have done many years ago: shows folder disk usage. Check out the trial of DiskView (full version...


Mom just left on her way to Reno. Hope she has good luck!

SimpleDevices sold!

I worked at SimpleDevices (a small startup) for about six months back in 2001. Looks like they’ve been bought by some unknown electronics company in LA, UEI ...

Please search me

Not sure when the critical mass was reached, but for the first time (that I’ve seen) searching ‘manjourides’ on Yahoo! Search ranks my blog as number one. Pr...

X Car

I purchased a 2004 BMW X3 today; more details and pictures to come soon.

Wake Up!

At about 3:30AM this morning my backyard was lit up like a Christmas tree by repeated sparks coming from my neighbors tree. Both Tiff and I woke up to the so...

Outside next Spring

I’ve been debating if I should get the backyard fixed up; this includes a new fence, removing tons of concrete and designing a more usable space. I think I’m...

Zip What?

Found a fairly cool site which dynamically shows zip codes throughout the USA; you’ll see what I mean: zipdecode, ben fry .

Shaking Up

Well, I’m at work now and our entire building was shaking for about 10 seconds. The overhead lights were swinging and I could hear creeks coming from the wal...

Slow Depot

Owning my own house means I’m spending more time at Home Depot. For small hardware items and a good selection, it’s fairly good. For large items or service o...

new PC

I rebuilt my PC (basically from scratch) this past weekend. The old setup was very unstable. Check out the specs . So far it’s great.


Okay, so it’s been a long time since my last update. This is mostly because I’m lazy, but I was offline for a couple weeks moving into my new house.

Hidden Bush Slam?

Some clothing company out of Washington (which I never heard of) has some pretty strange washing instructions on their clothes in France: “We’re sorry our pr...

It’s official!

The paperwork is complete and I am now officially a home owner (well, the bank owns most of the house right now, but…). Now for the hard part, moving.


The stove/range thingy in my new house is dead. The seller is going to give back some cash, but I still need to get something to replace it.

Living In The Past

Classic! Rad! Awesome! The ’80s ruled. Well, they ruled the explosion of the video game market, anyway. This weekend is the Classic Gaming Expo . Not complet...

Tip What?

Tiffany is addict to this online Yahoo! game called TipTop . I think I’ll need to help her get counseling.

Gamers PC

My PC still sucks; randomly crashing ever since I upgraded the memory. Reinstalled Windoze from CD three times and no change.

Nesting Show

The South Bay Home & Garden Show is at the Santa Clara Convention Center from September 10-12. Tiff and I went to the Spring show about six months back. ...

Healthy or Manly?

Today I decided there is no cool way for a guy to eat a banana. I’m talking literally, not figuratively — I need the potassium.

Are you certified?

A friend pointed me to the Diamond Certified Professionals site which lists local ‘certified’ professionals. Not sure what the ‘certified’ really means, but ...


Okay, Sept. 1 is final (or as final as it gets). So I need to start thinking about the moving date and movers. My last experience with movers wasn’t very goo...

Cheap Energy

I recently went to the Toyota dealer to check out the Prius (hybrid car). The dealership had one ‘demo’ car which they don’t let customers testdrive on the w...

Countdown begins

My agent told me today that we have a tentative move-in date of September 1. Nice! I was expecting at least Sept.19, as that was the 30 day period we gave in...

Calc Discontinued

I’ve always loved my HP-32S RPN calculator. Sadly, after throwing it around, storing is in the bottom of boxes, dropping it, and getting it wet a few times, ...

Home Sweet Home

I’m in the process of buying my first home — what a draining experience, I feel numb.

Congrats to Anirban!

Today was Anirban’s wedding ( ), but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it. I’m really disappointed and sorry I wasn’t able to attend,...

New Server

Its been a while since an update because my site had some problem (disk full!). No need to worry, my site has been moved to a new server with more space. I s...


In an amazing development, after about 3 weeks of dropping acid on my hand… my wart just fell off! I was beginning to lose hope that the acid had any affect....

Boy, oh, Boy

Congrats! Vickie had her baby this past Wednesday morning, check out the pics of baby Vinny .

Would you like an ad with that?

Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory tonite. Food was average, atmosphere was fair. Most disturbing was the menu has ads! Every other page was an ad for some...


More evidence that Google is planning to compete with Y!Mail: Google Developing Ad Service for E-Mail -Sources.

Stomach Flu

After caring for Tiffany and her sore throught for a week, it appears I’ve come down with something. My temp is 101.3F and my stomach is very gassy. Stayed h...

Binion’s Closed

In a bizarre series of events, the Binion’s Horseshoe casino has been raided and closed by the FBI . Wonder what’s going to happen to The World Series of Pok...

Let The New Year Begin

Yes, it’s 2004. I spent the night with Tiffany at home. We’re both still on East coast time from our trip to Boston, so we didn’t make it to midnight. We wat...