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Not Sleeping

I’m awake (4:45am) and I don’t want to be. Too much to do and too little time.

Sarah Palin Quote

This morning Sarah Palin (VP nominee for Red Team) was speaking in Jacksonville, Florida and as I was surfing the news, I caught her saying this:

Counted Out

All the major news sites are finally listing the electoral results: 286/Bush vs 252/Kerry … just as I predicted three days ago.

Too Close To Call? I’ll call it!

Most news outlets now have the presidential race at 254/Bush to 252/Kerry with New Mexico and Iowa ‘delayed’ and Ohio ‘Too Close To Call’. Given that Ohio is...

Hidden Bush Slam?

Some clothing company out of Washington (which I never heard of) has some pretty strange washing instructions on their clothes in France: “We’re sorry our pr...

Don’t Call Me!

Baby Bush has just signed a law giving the FTC full authority to implement a national Do Not Call registry. This was in response to a Federal judge ruling fr...


Regardless of your politcal views, you have to admit having The Terminator as governor will at least be entertaining.