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Open File Limit

I need to look this up every once in a while, and it’s not as easy to find as I like, so it lives here now.

Be Safe Out There

I’m paranoid. Recently I’ve setup an easy, straight-forward system to secure my MacBook Pro wifi usage when not at home.


I just finished installing Ubuntu 8.04.1 Linux on my two-year old MacMini. The installation was easysauce, taking all of about 15 mins. Only trick is getting...

Removing Dangling Symlinks?

I spent last night setting up embedded DiVX movies on my guild’s website. To separate the upload dir from the viewing dir, I decided to symlink all the appro...

Here Comes Tux

Dell had started this IdeaStorm site to get user feedback. The goal was to shape product direction based directly on user votes and suggestions. While not ...