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After a week of being apart, we are back together again!

Mac Gone. Again.

I spent this morning at the Apple store. Again. This time I was sure of my goal: to get my logicboard replaced. I sat down at the Genius Bar, and notice my n...

Mac is Back

After dropping my MacBook Pro off at Apple on Sunday night, I called Monday to make sure they had taken down my problem (since the drop-off went so quickly, ...

Sadly We Depart

Separating is hard. Even harder when you’ve become so close that you spend almost every day together. When apart you don’t know what to do. You can’t stop th...

My Mac Is Dead

Sometime Friday night, by MacBook Pro video died. Nothing on the LCD, nothing via the external video. Nothing. Reboot. Nothing. Clear NVRAM. Nothing.

Be Safe Out There

I’m paranoid. Recently I’ve setup an easy, straight-forward system to secure my MacBook Pro wifi usage when not at home.

Time Machine Error

Setting up Time Capsule was as painless and quick as the AirPort Extreme. In about ten minutes I was able to switch my MacBook Pro over to using the Time C...

New-ish MacBook Pro

I received this email ad from Apple this morning, which touts a “new, more powerful MacBook Pro .” The ad goes on:

Living in a laptop world

I’ve resisted owning a laptop for years, mainly because I don’t really have a desire to sip a latte, sitting outside Starbucks while browsing myspace (that I...