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Welcome, Paul!

This past week I setup my cousin Paul with both a blog and email on When I first picked up this domain, I wanted it to be used by my whole f...

Home Again

Talk to Dad today; he’s home resting. Sounds like he has some soreness and is really tired, but overall I think he’s getting better. He’s going to rest at ho...

Another video

Looks like Dad is really enjoying his new camera phone, he snet me another video of Mom and Gianna.

More pics

Mom made a quick little slideshow movie from a few pics of the new baby: Gianna_Christina.wmv

Uncle Scott

Kim had a baby girl this morning, I’m an uncle … again.


Mom just left on her way to Reno. Hope she has good luck!

Boy, oh, Boy

Congrats! Vickie had her baby this past Wednesday morning, check out the pics of baby Vinny .

Dad’s Online!

After years of “you’ll have it soon” double-talk from AT&T re my Dad’s ability to get digital cable and thus highspeed Internet access, he broke down and...