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Variable Change

The movie 21 was on cable this morning, and I caught the ‘variable change’ scene. In the scene, the professor poses a scenario to the class, calling it “The ...

WordPress 2.7!

I’ve updated my WordPress install to 2.7 and made some layout/theme changes. More changes are coming.

Not Sleeping

I’m awake (4:45am) and I don’t want to be. Too much to do and too little time.


This is interesting; looks like I may have hyperalgesia in my right foot. The doc says no immediate problem, and I could wait a week to see if it goes away. ...

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain has begun. It hasn’t rained in eight months, but starting yesterday with some light, daytime drizzle, and continuing this morning with dark, cold, g...

Get A Room, Already!

Microsoft and Yahoo! have been courting each other for months now. Microsoft made the first move, then Yahoo! played innocent and said, ‘prove you love me!’....

Sarah Palin Quote

This morning Sarah Palin (VP nominee for Red Team) was speaking in Jacksonville, Florida and as I was surfing the news, I caught her saying this:

Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update

MacOSX 10.5.5 was released earlier this week. Mostly a long list of bug fixes , they did add the ability for Time Machine to backup your iPhone backups.