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Okay, so it’s been a long time since my last update. This is mostly because I’m lazy, but I was offline for a couple weeks moving into my new house.

Hidden Bush Slam?

Some clothing company out of Washington (which I never heard of) has some pretty strange washing instructions on their clothes in France: “We’re sorry our pr...

It’s official!

The paperwork is complete and I am now officially a home owner (well, the bank owns most of the house right now, but…). Now for the hard part, moving.


The stove/range thingy in my new house is dead. The seller is going to give back some cash, but I still need to get something to replace it.

Living In The Past

Classic! Rad! Awesome! The ’80s ruled. Well, they ruled the explosion of the video game market, anyway. This weekend is the Classic Gaming Expo . Not complet...

Tip What?

Tiffany is addict to this online Yahoo! game called TipTop . I think I’ll need to help her get counseling.

Gamers PC

My PC still sucks; randomly crashing ever since I upgraded the memory. Reinstalled Windoze from CD three times and no change.

Nesting Show

The South Bay Home & Garden Show is at the Santa Clara Convention Center from September 10-12. Tiff and I went to the Spring show about six months back. ...