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Please search me

Not sure when the critical mass was reached, but for the first time (that I’ve seen) searching ‘manjourides’ on Yahoo! Search ranks my blog as number one. Pr...

X Car

I purchased a 2004 BMW X3 today; more details and pictures to come soon.

Wake Up!

At about 3:30AM this morning my backyard was lit up like a Christmas tree by repeated sparks coming from my neighbors tree. Both Tiff and I woke up to the so...

Outside next Spring

I’ve been debating if I should get the backyard fixed up; this includes a new fence, removing tons of concrete and designing a more usable space. I think I’m...

Zip What?

Found a fairly cool site which dynamically shows zip codes throughout the USA; you’ll see what I mean: zipdecode, ben fry .

Shaking Up

Well, I’m at work now and our entire building was shaking for about 10 seconds. The overhead lights were swinging and I could hear creeks coming from the wal...

Slow Depot

Owning my own house means I’m spending more time at Home Depot. For small hardware items and a good selection, it’s fairly good. For large items or service o...

new PC

I rebuilt my PC (basically from scratch) this past weekend. The old setup was very unstable. Check out the specs . So far it’s great.