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More pics

Mom made a quick little slideshow movie from a few pics of the new baby: Gianna_Christina.wmv

Uncle Scott

Kim had a baby girl this morning, I’m an uncle … again.

Counted Out

All the major news sites are finally listing the electoral results: 286/Bush vs 252/Kerry … just as I predicted three days ago.

Too Close To Call? I’ll call it!

Most news outlets now have the presidential race at 254/Bush to 252/Kerry with New Mexico and Iowa ‘delayed’ and Ohio ‘Too Close To Call’. Given that Ohio is...


Just as I wrote the last entry we had our first visitor. Some black-caped Batman-looking getup.

All Hallow’s Eve

It’s Halloween and I’m sitting at home with Tiff and a basket full of candy. We have a flashing skull, light-up feet, and a singing skeleton outside. Just go...

Welcome to the New World!

I’ve upgraded to MT-3.121 ! Some interesting administrative changes, especially the comment approval — which I’ve enabled. No more blog spam.