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PC 2006

I’ve begun the process of building my next PC. All parts are ordered and I hope to be building it this weekend or early next week. The current PC is over two...

5 Years, Baby!

I’ve been at Yahoo! for five years now. For my years of dedicated service I get a Yahoo! Gumball Machine!

MovableType 3.33

I’ve upgraded my blog to MovableType 3.33. I’ve been using MT as my blog for almost 4 years now. I probably use about 5% of the features MT offers, and...

Eudora going home

Qualcomm announced today the end of Eudora as we know it. They are planning to turn Eudora open-source and merge the code base with Mozilla (ie. Thunde...


Today Google announced they are buying YouTube for $1.65B . Good for them (YouTube, I mean). Read Mark Cuban’s take on the partnership .