Me Monday, August 21, 2017 … I have seen the sun!
Scott Manjourides

Software Engingeer

Over twenty years of full-stack software development, technical leadership, and project lead experience. Have built a wide variety of both client (Android, Ajax/JS, Linux CLI/service) and server (Linux service) systems using C/C++98-14, Java 7/8, Python 2/3, JavaScript 1.8, HTML5, Google Closure, AngularJS, Bootstrap 2/3, PHP5+, Perl, and Bash. Strong skills in building high-quality distributed, scalable systems, performance measurement and optimization, clean API design, full network/client/server/UI stack, and agile development methodologies.

Life Hacker

Always finding new ways to use duct tape.

Home Theater Enthusiast

Not Kimber Kable level, but MartinLogan fan.

Home Networking / IT

Ubiquiti + Intel NUCs + 16 bay SAS makes me smile. Have dreams of underground server room.


Canon EOS since A2E. Briefly considered going fulltime, then I woke up.


Not really. Have been known to play World of Warcraft, but get bored by the repetitive design.